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What an amazing and creative book this is! A great read with something in it for all. Sure to be a cult best seller. I can’t wait to get some into the store. Definitely Bird’s Surf SHED approved and a must have!

– San Diegan legend, Bird, Owner of Bird’s Surf SHED

This book is too adorable and so true!

– Sari Anne Tuschman, Editor In Chief at FOAM Magazine

I absolutely love your metaphors for surfing and dating. They are all so true, and I can easily relate to each comical chapter. Who would have thought learning to date and surf go hand in hand? Nancy and Tara’s book will not only teach you a few fabulous surfing skills, but open your eyes to today’s hilarious dating world. Simply brilliant and hilarious. This book will make you will laugh out loud and want to continue to read more. I will be using a lot of these dating and surfing quotes daily now!

– Mary Osborne, Champion longboarder and professional surfer

We couldn’t put this fresh read down! It’s full of practical dating tips doled out with a surfing perspective and a wink to the perils of being single and female in the So Cal surf scene. The perfect beach book, so please pass the sunscreen and enjoy…

– Izzy and Coco Tihanyi, twins and co-owners of Surf Diva Surf School

and Surf Boutique

I once used a surfing analogy to break up with a guy. Nancy and Tara’s book takes an all-too close to home subject using the great metaphor of surfing to talk about dating and life in general. The best lessons are truly learned at sea on a board. Everything I learned About Dating I Learned from Surfing will take any surfer girl or anyone who has ever gone on a date, on an exhilarating ride.

– Shelby Stanger, Surf Journalist/Surf Instructor/Serial Surfer-Guy Dater 😉