Morning Glory

Ugh. I am so not a morning person. I’ve tried so so so hard to be one—the air is crisper, the neighborhood quieter, I have a huge head-start on all I have to get done that day and (most importantly) the ocean is glassier and MUCH better for surfing. Ugh. I drive along the ocean everyday to work and am reminded that if I had only gotten up 1 hour earlier, that could’a been me out there on those perfect waves. It’s just that first thing in the morning when my eyelids pry themselves open, there is NOTHING that can convince them that jumping into a cold ocean is going to be more rewarding than staying in my warm bed (kind of like those days when I’d just rather sit around my house in my sweats and eat pizza then go out on a first date). I don’t know how Nancy and the girls get SO excited to get out into the water in the mornings. But good thing they are. And good thing they text me sometimes the night before to see if I want to go. Because surfing in the morning always sounds like a great idea the night before. And if I don’t show up, then I’m just flaky. Last week, I finally got my butt in the water in the morning due to a “text back” I made to the girls the night before. And guess what… I had one of the most fun surf sessions ever. The waves were fun, and there was hardly anyone else out. The best part though? I just love surfing with the girls. Nancy and Ange were already out in the water when I got there, and just as I was putting my leash on, my friend, Michelle, who I hadn’t seen in over a year, started walking up with her board too. There’s just something about being in the glassy ocean laughing with your girlfriends at 7:30 in the morning that makes those first tortuous minutes of getting out of bed so worth it. As I was ready to take my last wave in, I called out to Nancy “Yep, I’m a morning surfer now!” I knew I wouldn’t feel that way the next time I had to roll out of bed at 6:30am to jump in the ocean, but if I said it, then I knew I would be held accountable. Speaking of… I just texted Nancy that I would meet her again tomorrow morning. It’s okay sleepy eyes—once you jump in and catch that first wave, you’ll get over it.





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