Men are like sets of waves: either they all show up at once, or it’s flat.

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Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Why do all of the good waves have to show up all at once in one set? I catch this great wave, jump off my board, and 3-4 awesome (actually even more awesome) waves show up right behind it that I’m not able to paddle to fast enough. And by the time I get back out, it’s flat. I know that this is just the way it is. But has anyone ever been frustrated by it? Now this is where I think Mother Nature’s wit really comes into play. The SAME THING HAPPENS WITH MEN!


I was sipping cocktails with one of my single, female cousins, and of course the topic of guys popped up. In discussing her love life, a perfect analogy surfaced between men (or women – for the dudes out there) and waves. It just so happens that at certain times and in certain phases of her life, multiple men seem to show up in sets at her door step. And then (this is the clincher), by the time she narrows them down, he and all the rest just roll right on by and disappear… Sound familiar?


Well, fear not. Here’s some surfing tips that will calm your woes.


1. When a set of men rolls your way, it’s time to surf! Have fun with it! Get to know them! And don’t take ANY of them too seriously unless they really have the top non-negotiable qualities you’re looking for, and they truly pursue you. I really don’t think that you’ll have multiple guys in one set who qualify under both of those terms. If you do, send some my way. Problem solved!


2. It’s easy to get all excited and try to surf every wave all the way into shore. This will wear you out. (I’m not trying to make a physical metaphor here. Get your mind out of the gutter). Instead, surf a wave a little ways by meeting a guy for coffee. Then jump off and catch the next wave for a mid-day jog. Maybe there’s a really great wave right behind it that you go out to dinner with. But remember, taking you to dinner does not-the-perfect-wave-make. Again, revert to point #1.


3. Tomorrow brings more (sets) of waves. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in life about dating, it’s this: laws of nature do not change. If men have come in sets before, they will again. In the meantime, it’s fun and productive to use flat days splashing around, enjoying the sea life, and writing surf date book blogs.


Much love and luck in surfing and dating,


– Tara


2 thoughts on “Men are like sets of waves: either they all show up at once, or it’s flat.

  1. Ive been surfing for 2 years now almsot everyday with the exception of deployments and have found that the waves that you paddle into the most determine what you grow accoustomed to and or comfortable with, if you only ride 3-4 and call it a day at 4-8 you will never get used to the larger sets I rode 2-4 for a long time and would cringe at bigger waves until i forced myself to paddle on them, initially ill admit it was spooky droping in and i got rolled up and crushed a few times but now that i have subjected myself to the size i have gotten used to, it i still prefer 3-5 but overhead no longer sends me home.

  2. Great feedback! I’ll be posting another blog shortly “A great man is like a big wave: when you look back, you may perceive you’re not good enough to catch it.” That TOTALLY relates to what you just said. Thanks!

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