I LOVE MY NEW SALTY SURF SISTAHS! (by Nancy Spooner Bsharah)

I was a late bloomer. I learned how to surf at at 36 on a post-divorce all-girl surf trip to El Salvador. I fell in love IMMEDIATELY with the sport. I could not get a wet suit and board fast enough when I returned to San Diego. (I think it took me about 2 days to find both). It has been around 5 years now and if I am in town, I am in the water a few days a week. I. LOVE. SURFING.


The book has been a side project for many years, but now that it is coming to life it has become a major focus in my life. I have a full time job as an event producer and owner of Tempo Live Events, Inc. , but the book takes every spare moment of my day. And ya know what? It does not bother me one bit. That’s the beauty of passion. You have heard it before, if you love what you do, it does not feel like a job. I am loving this new journey.


For the past few months I have had the best time researching females who love surfing like I do. I have met the coolest surf bloggers, artists, designers and just plain fanatics of the sport via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and WordPress. I have made dozens of new connections around the world and what has been so rewarding to me is the fact that every single woman has been so darn cool, warm inviting and supportive.


I know I will need to add to this list – but if you live/love to surf – you are gonna want to check out these sites, follow these Tweets and “like” these pages!


Sutra Words + Threads  Sutra is meant to be a place for like-minded people to share information and inspire one another with interviews and posts about health + nutrition, fashion, active lifestyles, self-improvement, relationships and giving back. (I love surfing with Maiko! She’s a keeper!)

Surf Sister is the first independent Australian based online magazine published for female surfers. Surf Sister focuses its content around the rich and inspiring culture of woman’s surfing. (They were one of the first to post about the book! Their site is very cool!)


San Diego Surf Ladies  –  We are a group of San Diego based surfers who get together to share waves, fun and skills. San Diego Surf Ladies (SDSL) is open to all levels of experienced surfers! We have social surf sessions just for fun as well as structured training session in the water and on land to help improve our surfing skills. (Where have they been all of my surfing life? I am so excited to be a member of this great group)



Salt Gypsy was born from a desire to showcase and promote independent design, handmade, and earth-friendly lifestyle products for discerning female surfers and waterwomen. We have a passion for sourcing independent and emerging designers, with emphasis placed on product created by other chicks who rip. (Talk about a cool chick! Happy to have a new friend in the Maldives!)


Brown Girl Surf  Named in honor of the first female surfers from Polynesia, Brown Girl Surf TM is a journey to find, support and share with you the stories of the world’s first female surfers.    The first girls in the Gaza Strip are taught to surf amongst dropping bombs and flying bullets. A 22-year old journalism student becomes India’s first female surfer.  These are the extraordinary stories of Brown Girl Surf TM.  (Down to earth nor-cal surfer. Great stories) 

NYC Urchin  In the midst of NYC we dig our toes into the sand!   NYC Urchin is about balancing CITY / SEA and collecting a like-minded community.  Check in for daily updates on fun events, creative projects, and positive initiatives, all local and all infused with the surf. (A surfer chick in my fav city! Hope to meet up this summer!)


 Surfer Grrrl Blog   Wave journal of a norcal surfer girl.  (Though we have never met, I love this woman’s blog.  She is very consistent and I feel like I can relate to almost every post.)


@SurferGirlProbz – On Twitter – this girl cracks me up!  She seems to say a lot of what we all think out on the water.


For more great leads on great blogs and tweets – check out the list we follow on Twitter.


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